Conduit 2

If you bought the first Conduit game and couldn't wait for another one or if you just want to try a new shooter, welcome to Conduit 2. In this game, you play as Michael Ford, who is trying to stop John Adams from exploiting an alien race for his own evil purposes. Not surprisingly, the storyline isn't really the strongest part of the game, though, but it's better than having to blindly play your way through aimless levels. Shoot your way through the detailed and realistic levels to stop Adams from achieving his goals.

While the storyline is a bit of a bore and the gameplay is generic and gets a bit repetitive, Conduit 2 does offer a good, enjoyable texture pack which makes the scenery good to look at. When gunfights get more crowded and loud like they do in the later stages of the game, expect the framerate to have a few problems as with many shooter games. But overall, Conduit 2's visuals are on the higher end of the Wii game spectrum. From dramatic ship scenes to decent character models, Conduit 2 is certainly a great game to look at.

The most enjoyable aspect of the game is the customizability of most aspects in the game. Movement and shooting controls can be fully customized so you play with the most comfortable setup. This adjusts the adaptation curve of the game and will make it easier and faster for you to get through the levels. Playing through single player and online play will also earn you an in-game currency, which allows you to customize the appearance of both your offline and online play characters. This includes everything from clothing to facepaint. While the lack of a unique story is a bit of a downer, the ability to make everything special to each player makes the game quite special. The point system gives everything a goal and makes players want to play more in order to get that next upgrade.

Whether you're playing on the single player mode or the fun, but not innovative, multiplayer, Conduit 2 offers a nice set of graphics and a rather enjoyable time obtaining points so you can buy yourself a new face. Overlook the generic parts of the game and you'll find a truly unique pastime that lets you make everything, well, unique.

For another review of Conduit 2, watch the video below.

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