De Blob 2

The INKT Corporation is back at it again, trying to steal the color away from the city! If you've ever played De Blob, you'll find this colorful, adventurous sequel to be quite familiar. The original game centers around bright, dynamic colors and a fun soundtrack, and the sequel doesn't seem to deviate from that much at all. The general gameplay is still the same: you're a blob aiming to color the city with various colors by jumping into paint buckets and rolling around buildings. As soon as you roll onto a wall, the entire face is covered by the color that you're currently rolling around in. While the city is initially in grayscale, your presence will soon turn everything into a vividly colored world.

The game is widely regarded as visually captivating, with gorgeous CGI animation and deep colors. The visuals alone make the game a fun and engaging addition to any game collection, family or not. Although the Wii version of De Blob 2 doesn't get the same resolution upgrade that the Xbox and PS3 versions get, the colors and animation are still excellently displayed. The upbeat soundtrack adds to the friendly atmosphere, not to mention how catchy the music is. Overall, the game's atmosphere deserves its own award for smoothly coordinating visuals and sounds.

The first De Blob only focused on the rookie idea of a painting playground and, understandably, didn't venture too far out from the original idea. Now that the success of the first game affirmed the concept, De Blob 2 brings the game out a bit further by including 2D side scrolling levels and certain advanced level mechanisms like gravity manipulation. The new concepts fit in perfectly and serve merely as side levels to take a break from all the rolling around. In fact, adding these new type of levels breaks up the action quite well; without them, the game would get much more boring in a shorter amount of time. De Blob 2's countdown timer to have you paint the right places at the right times with the right colors seems to detract from the creative aspect of the first game; completing the level, however, does let you explore the level without any time restriction.

If you're looking for a way to relax from your first-person shooter and puzzle games don't seem to calm you down much, let De Blob 2 have a crack at it. It's fun atmosphere, simple gameplay, and creative playground makes it a kid and family friendly game for any type of Wii owner.

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