Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong is back! We haven’t seen him in his own game since the 2003 North American release of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, but now we get to see him in Donkey Kong Country Returns, a sequel of the 1994 release Donkey Kong Country. This time around, the evil Tiki Tak Tribe takes over Donkey Kong Island and commands the animals on the island to steal Donkey Kong's bananas. Diddy and Donkey Kong then set off on an adventure to find the missing bananas and eradicate the Tiki Tak Tribe. Cranky Kong also appears to assist in this journey.

Donkey Kong Country Returns does not drastically deviate from the original gameplay and style offered in Donkey Kong Country. It is still a side-scrolling platform game like its predecessor. The game also features the classic Donkey Kong elements, including barrels, bananas, vine swinging, and collecting the golden letters. However, Country Returns offers a few more stylistic changes that allow the game to explore more gameplay options. For example, some levels depict Donkey and Diddy, along with the foreground environment, only as silhouettes. In this game, the two player mode allows each player to choose between Donkey and Diddy. A less experienced player should choose Diddy, as he can ride on Donkey's back and allow the other player to carry both players through more difficult levels. Diddy's jetpack can also be used to extend Donkey's jumps. The single player mode permanently attaches Diddy to Donkey's back.

This latest addition to the Donkey Kong Country series combines the classic 2D gameplay that fans have become accustomed to with a playful twist of 3D models that has made its way into many games. The graphics in Donkey Kong Country Returns offers a fun, dynamic, and detailed set of levels that is still predictable and non-intrusive to the general gameplay. With original music and a familiar environment, the game successfully draws nostalgia from Donkey Kong's fan base while offering a fresh look. For players that haven't owned a Donkey Kong game before, the game also succeeds at balancing a moderate level of difficulty that itches for a second try with an environment and play style that is friendly to all ages. Having sold nearly 5 million copies worldwide and gained numerous near perfect ratings from various publications, Donkey Kong Country Returns brings Donkey Kong back in flawless style.

For another review of Donkey Kong Country Returns, watch the video below.

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