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During the 2004 E3 conference, Nintendo announced a new addition to their line of products. The Wii was to be released as a competitor to Sony's Playstation 3 as well as Microsoft's Xbox 360. This member of the seventh generation of game consoles currently leads its two competitors in global sales. In December of 2009, the Nintendo Wii dominated the United States market and became the new record holder for best-selling game console in a single month. Reviewers and critics have pointed to two particular points as responsible for the Wii's outstanding success: the distinct wireless controller and the back compatibility with all GameCube games. The Wii Remote is a fun and new way of detecting motion in a 3D space. The Wii also let its users play the GameCube games that they had before, whereas many other consoles forced their buyers to purchase new copies of a game.

With the growth of the Wii market comes the growth in demand to download Wii games. Despite the common misconception, downloading games is simple and carries plenty of benefits. The first step is to unlock the Wii console. This breaks the restrictions set by Nintendo and lets the user modify and utilize the game console to its full ability. The entire process is completely safe and takes only a few minutes. Next, users must visit and join one of the featured sites listed on the homepage of this website. These have been tested for any sort of virus, spyware, or malware. These sites will carry clean games, as well as utilities and emulators that you might want to consider to maximize your Wii experience. We recommend bookmarking these sites for easy access in the future. Besides getting games that have no viruses or intrusive software that will destroy your Wii, the download Wii games sites also let you change the system menu theme and install various utilities that you couldn't use before unlocking the Wii console.

For most games that are sold on shelves nationwide, there is the equivalent copy on the sites. Be sure to take advantage of the digital age. Recently, the technology of getting games has been so advanced that most of the time, you don't even need to leave your house in order to get the game you want. Simply join the site, find the game titles or features that you want to play, and download. Of course, you have to unlock the console, but that step is easily explained and performed.

During the 2011 E3 conference, Nintendo announced the Wii U, which is the offshoot of the Wii. As part of a so-called eighth generation of gaming consoles, the Wii U first allows the back compatibility for all Wii games and all accessories, including the Wii Balance Board and the Wiimote. The Wii U then follows the rising trend of high-definition 1080p game graphics and displays. Knowing how to Download Wii Games will allow you to get great games and play them on great graphics. The cool new feature about the Wii U is the ability to continue playing the game without the TV being on. The controller carries a touchscreen that immediately turns into a handheld gaming device, a concept that is reminiscent of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color days. Nintendo's innovation in combining the two concepts will prove to be a flexible way to game, perfect for all ages and interests.

Nintendo has built one of the greatest gaming empires in history, and it continues to do so with the Wii and the upcoming Wii U, which is due for release in 2012. Take part in the formation of video game history and play your games on the Wii!
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