With all the recent environmental efforts going on in the world, Fluidity couldn't be a better game to release. In Fluidity, you play as a body of water on a mission to clean up all the ink and keep Mother Earth pristine and flawless. Players tilt their controls to tilt the screen, causing the body of water, along with any loose structures in the level, to fall one direction or another. At face value, Fluidity seems to be just another physics game. However, you'll soon find that the simple concept of playing with water allows so many more options in a physics-based environment.

To start, playing as a body of water allows puzzles to take advantage of water's ability to separate into multiple bodies. This means players have to get water in the right places at the right times. Sometimes, puzzles require you to lose a portion of the water in order to continue. You may recover the lost water back by collecting special items. Once you lose all your water, your life is considered depleted and your adventure ends there. The physics engine in Fluidity is decent. It depicts the gravity and physics of water fairly accurately and makes for a rather realistic game. And because you are indeed playing with water, your body of water can turn into ice and cloud. The developer's consideration of the true physical characteristics of water deserves accolades for detail and clever gameplay.

While the main game certainly can provide enough to keep you entertained and challenged for the duration of the entire playtime, Fluidity also adds respectable mini-games that utilize the same basic game concept in a different way. For example, a mini-game might task you with finding and delivering rubber ducks to a bathtub. In the end, none of the games are particularly taxing. The music and visuals make for a low-impact game that is been widely regarded as a great game to relax with.

With a simple concept and clean visuals, Fluidity makes a great addition for those who need something other than first-person war-based shooters. The game is both kid and family friendly, but the action level doesn't make Fluidity the most engaging game on the market. For its low price point, consider picking up this game just for a nice, relaxing physics game.

For another review of Fluidity, watch the video below.

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