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If you ever see a blue blur flying across the screen collecting golden rings and looping all over the map, you'll know for sure that another Sonic game has been released. Sonic Colors is the latest addition to the Sonic franchise and has been dubbed "the best game yet" to be developed by Sega. This time, Dr. Eggman has built his own amusement park and is now mind controlling the Wisps, an alien race, for antagonistic purposes. Sonic must liberate the Wisps one world at a time, which makes for some astounding variety in gaming environment.

As can be expected after seeing the title, Sonic Colors is a dynamic, colorful game that breathes new life into the entire franchise. Each level is packed with vivid, bright colors and detailed backgrounds. Many sources have deemed Sonic Colors to be one of the best looking Wii games of the year. The gameplay also switches between the traditional side scrolling perspective and a third person perspective, a feature that consistently keeps players on their feet on what to expect. The development of the platforming aspect of the game has led to the gameplay being more than just Sonic rolling around and collecting rings. This is coupled with a revamped physics engine, which allows for tighter, more stable control and more variety overall. The one problem that some have cited, though, is that some levels reach insane difficulty levels, and since the game forces players to complete all levels, some players may be deterred from continuing the game.

The game also marks the return of powerups, with this version using different colored Wisps giving Sonic various abilities, such as the ability to drill through water and soft ground and the ability to blast upwards like a rocket. These abilities also allow the game to bring out bright colors, adding to the fun and friendly gaming environment. Overall, the re-addition of powerups adds to the variety of the game and definitely is a positive change.

If you've ever looked to play a Sonic game or want a better game that hasn't flopped like some other games in the Sonic franchise, pick up Sonic Colors. With this game, Sega sought to revamp their entire brand, delisting failing games and developing better games, starting with this one. The simplified focus back to Sonic and Tails, original music, and friendly environment leads to the best version of Sonic yet.

For another review of Sonic Colors, watch the video below.

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