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Wii Hack application for playing a Nintendo Wii Console backup games without a mod-chip. The bundles below will allow you to Unlock your Wii by yourself. Download the hacking software you need and install it on your Wii with an easy Step by Step very detailed tutorial provided inside the bundle.

Both sites provide 24/7 Technical Support at no cost and will help you with the hacking process until it's unlocked and ready to play and run Backup Wii Games.

#1 Wii Unlocker
Great bundle to unlock a Wii console and keep the warranty.
Simple guide and very detailed videos did the job. We managed to unlock our Wii console very fast and relatively easy using "Wii Unlocker".

Bottom Line
  • No Mod-Chip Required!!!
  • Supplies all you need for Unlocking The Wii
  • Technical Support 24/7 (free)
  • Immediate Access to the Homebrew Tools
  • Bonus! Cheats Guide
  • Bonus! DVD Converter Guide
  • Play Backup and Region Locked Games
  • Play N64, GameCube, Sega Genesis Games
  • Play DVD Movies and Mp3 Songs

#2 BREWii
Our 2nd pick for a hacking bundle for unlocking.
Good guide that worked perfectly. The only downside about this product is it's price.

Wii Homebrew Benefits

  • No need for Mod-Chip
  • Supplies all you need to Unlock The Wii
  • Technical Support 24/7 (no charge)
  • Immediate Access to the Unlock Tools
  • Play Backup and Region Locked Games
  • Play N64, GameCube, Sega Genesis Games
  • Play DVD or DivX Movies and Mp3 Songs
Wii Hack App (Application) for Unlocking A Wii and Playing Backup Wii Games.
Comments  (3)
want to know if i hack my wii i can download wii games example golden eye estract the game to a pen drive or hard drive and conect the wii and run the game from the hard drive ¿.
Benyo (Monday, January 09, 2012 11:38 PM)
yes but you have to download the WBFS manager also. Extract the game and then you have to put the game (iso) in this program... then copy the game to your pen drive :)
Janey (Tuesday, January 10, 2012 4:19 PM)
Yes you can run your downloaded games using an external hard drive, that is what i use because it holds so many games :D
Niki (Sunday, January 22, 2012 4:00 PM)

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Many thanks on the information you gave in this review. I joined ConsoleGamesDownload, and I'm very pleased so far.
William R, NY

WOW, this is the only word to describe this amazing website. Thank you for your awesome info, I've already downloaded 20 games in the past 24 hours.
Lisa H, TX

I Can't wait to download my first Wii game, it's a bit old but I always loved it (yes, it's Mario Bros.).
Mark O, IL

WOW, I never saw so many new Wii games, movies and music albums before in one palce, I'll be up all night for sure.
Kevin B, Canada

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